Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oh boy!

Exam's finally over! And the results come back stinging. Ask me in person if you really really wanna know how shiatty I did.
My chatbox has been removed due to people with no life! unexplainable circumstances!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Keeping up in 3a1 ain't no easy piece of cake ; no comparison to the 2 previous classes I've been through.
._. I'll have to deal with my mock next week.

I wish myself the best of luck.
Gossip girl! :D

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Summed in a nutshell by Karen on the behalf of Yvonne.
1. Anonymous: Not Orginal! Fcking assholes!

First of the rack, I want to clarify that my blog entirely sums from my head.
We have these things we call streotypical groups.
No, I can't call myself original; because you probably aren't either. Lets say, you're a girl, but you like star wars and wears men's underwear. Circumstances says there's a girl in Ireland who also wears star wars and also wears men's underwear.
Maybe only 5% of the people in this world is entirely original ; to be extremely honest with my thoughts here.


Blogging style isn't always that significant for people , such as I. Some bloggers write to entertain others, for example Kenny Sia. And some for their personal fun? For example the people you write about their life. In short , treating their blog as a public diary. Which I am now applying to.

There's nothing wrong about owning a blog and writing "All about your love and you" on it. For all I care I can just state that I like gay whores and go on about it. I can even write a braggarts symphony at the moment. My blog is for my reminiscence of the past in the future. Its open to all who appreciates, for those you do not appreciate, your pointless comments are insignificant and pure nonsense to me. I would ask you to leave and do not return if there was a system like this applicable for

Monday, January 18, 2010

Boring D;

Went shopping yesterday after school. Using my school uniform on a weekday. Sticky. =_= Ugh. And shop the whole afternoon with Maggie, her sister and her mum. And I got this. ♥

I've been searching for these pair for ages! D; Finally got a pair for me myself, and I.

I'm currently watching this kind of Singaporean movie. "Daddy At home"
Aka, 企鹅爸爸. Im now at episode 16. So slow. Usually when I was in afternoon session I could watch online dramas till' midnight. But this year, I can't anymore. D; On the bright side, I'll get to watch it in the afternoon. Hold up, Sometimes in the afternoon I'll get so sleepy then i wont have time to watch anyway. =_= PIG ( ^oo^ ) << onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

This one. =) All about cute doggies and puppies. Adorable ♥♥ Heheheh =)))

" Did you hear about the Morgans?" =D I got a recommendation from a friend of mine, so I'm giving high hopes upon watching it.

AND AND AND.........



RAWR. lol.

And yeah. This one. We were planning to go this Saturday and watch this!
It's been a long time since I last went out. I think it was 2nd January. LOL

Uh... YEAH.
2 JANUARY. That's pretty long for me. @@

I miss all those times when im with them during the holidays. Kbox, parties, and movies. And of course those hang outs that we've been together and been through. It made us get closer and closer till' now we miss each other so much. The smiles and laughter especially. Miss it so much! D;

I miss them so muccchhhhhhh! =(( <<> This saturday we can group up together again as usual. Heeee =)) Watching this, and kbox-ing! Gonna meet you guys. Wheeee ♥♥♥ I EVEN DREW THIS FOR YOU GUYS CAUSE I WAS BORED! D: And you know how much I despise my art skills. :/

You made me smile. ♥♥ Heee =))

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A day out of shopping spreee ♥

Hello peeps ♥ Din get to blog yesterday. Urgghhh >.< Cuz streamyx line is so so so damn slow. I can't even open my blog and facebook. So damn laggy. Kept on opening and closing it so many times till i get so pissed off. Rawr. =_= But today, the line's okay liao laa. Can update my blog as usual edi. Heeeee =)))

Soooo, i've change my BLOG TITLE. ♥ Nice? It's everyone whom i love is in there. =)) Im so bored baa. So i went exploring my comp. And saw PAINT. haha. So then i think of wat to draw. Then i drew that thing up there! xD It's like a story lidad laa. Errms, my friends and i living together in this small world. Heeee ♥

Okay, as the title says up there "A day out of shopping spreee ♥". Yeaps. I did went shopping yesterday with maggieeee. xD

These is what i bought yesterday ♥♥♥ :

And btw! I did mention that i wanna buy the jacket that is similar to jasmine's right? And yeah! I did buy. Can see the black jacket there? Lol. Can't see la i think. Haha. So yea. Yay? Lol. ;P

I bought all of those from jenny boutique and fashion girl from kenyalang. I've spent almost Rm200 for all those okay. Yes RM200 for all those stuffys. I bought a dress, shorts, t shirt, jacket ♥, sleeveless shirt and more more more. Omg im soo soo broke now. =( Can't even buy my shoes edi. Haih nvm. Cny is around the corner. Angpao coming in my pockets. Then can shop more and more and more. Heeee =))

While mag and i in the fitting room, and yeah as you know. We camwhored ♥ Lalala~ =)) Here are some pics.

And so, we bought all of the clothes that we tried. Lol. =_= Broke broke broke =(

Nevermind. As long as im happy enough already. Yay! xD

Went back from shopping at 6-ish? Lol. Yeah. And we got dinner at night with the carolling peeps. Ate seafoodiee =) Butterprawns! Yummy ♥ I've been craving for that since last year. Which is on november. Finally i get to eat it last night. :))) Sorry but i din get to take any pictures of the foodie goodies yesterday. Lol.

Magdalene Tan Joe Shan, poor little girl :D, she's sick yesterday morning. Poor her. Haha. She suddenly got sick at school instead of at home. So then, we went home at 9-ish. Went to school for nothing. =_=

Took picture of her sleeping. Heee =))

Today my blog kinda boring. Nothing much to talk about. Cuz i dun really have the mood to talk. =( I dunno why why why. Izit because of love? Owh oww. =(

Love love love ♥ is all i can say. Heee :)))

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday friday friday. =D

Hmmm. And so, today ha? Nothing much to talk about laa actually. It's the same thing i do everyday. Like wake up go to school study and blahh. >.< Owh owh! Something different today! =))

Okay so, today is friday as you know la. Go home early which is at 12 i think? Or 11.55? Blehh same thing. =_= We were suppose to go to the "change the world quest 1" thingy after school. And we did! lol. But we went in late. So yea. Not many seats left. Cuz when the school's bell rang, have to finish the class notice board. Puan Shirley Ho said that we have to finish decorating it BY TODAY. Arrggghhh! >.< Hate that teacher. The way she talks is like, err dunno lah. Just dun really like her ways of talking. And MOREOVER, she's my class teacher. Uhh, so dao mei. =_=

*out to topic again*

So, as i was saying. When the school bell rang, Mag, Chloe and Karen went up to my class. Then Rachel and Chloe asked us to send them down to the church as they din get to stay back today for the Change The World quest thingy. Lol. I wanted to follow them down to the church but yeah. Have to to the board. =_= Rachel and Chloe asked Mag to send them down lo. Jasmine said we MUST finish the board by today. Cuz the teachers will take down marks for the cleanliness and stuffs by monday liao ba. So yea. lol.

DO do do finish it fast fast.


Go for the Change the World Quest thingy. It was quite okay laa. Fun also. =)) Thanks to guin, charmaine and millieee for letting us go. So then went home at 1.30. Mag's mum fetch us. xD And as usual, is a rainy day again today. =_=

Hmmm. Maggie and i felt so bored in the car sitting until out butts are kinda painful. So then, mag suggested to take pictures. Camwhoring ♥

Me and herrrr <3

Actually, we camwhored in the car just for fun as i can say. Heeee =) We took lots, exactly LOTS of pics actually. But most of them looked the same ba. So i just upload two enough lo. Same pose, same clothes and same place. =_=

REached home, got ready and headed for bm tuition at pbk. I was late though. =_= Then dad kept on complaining that i always took so long to bath. Eeee. What to do? Im a girl baa. Heeeee xD
Reached tuition, and teacher said i was late. Rawr =_= Only for 10 minutes ba. Lol.
Then then, felt so cold in tuition. So i borrowed jasmine's jacket. =) OMG i love her jacket! Im so gonna buy one for myself. But im broke wor. How how?! Someone can please bring me shopping? =( Grrr.
Like seriously, im out of clothes! I need new clothes.

Tutty(cousin), can bring out go for shopping? =(

Gah nvm.. =_=

As i was saying, that time we were doing bm essay. So so boring. And so, to kill the time faster, i asked jasmine to follow me to the toilet. And yeah, you know me. Camwhoring again. In the toilet somemore to kill the time. ♥ Heeeee =))))

Hmmm. We din took much. Cuz it's toilet ba. Who can stand the toilet smell. =_= Headed back to class. Continue doing out essay and so and so till 5.30. Finally. =)))

Went back from tuition.

At 5.30pm.

Pick mum from office.

Then go home.

Headed for dinner.

At 6pm. =_=

Yes. 6pm so early. Zzz.

Ate nestum prawn with rice.


Drink teh-c-peng.

Yes teh-c-peng.

Nice. =)))

Went home and onlineeee. xD Went to church too cuz i got teen's cell going on there till 10.

So okay. I've been blah-ing so much about today. =_=

Night peeps. ♥

Loving you is the best feeling of all. Heeee =))) ♥

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First time Evah! ♥

Hey hey hey, have been neglecting my blog since last year which is May 2009. Gosh. =_= But thanks to Karen that she's helping me with this blog. :D And now.. Im back! Gonna try my best to blog and make my blog interesting. :D

Sooooo, firstly, my name's Yvonne. Fifteen? Everyone's reading this for sure know. =_= I have nothing to say that's why I said this. :)))

Okay let's begin shall we? Okay! =) Hmmmm. Woke up around 6? I think around 6.15. SOOo late. =_= Cause' it's nice to sleep ba. Raining again and cold cold nice nice. If not, i'll still be in dreamland. =P =)) Then my phone alarm kept on ringing non-stop and i kept on snoozing it can say for 5 times or more. After that, mummy knocked on my door and ask me to wake up. So I just woke up anyway. >.< MORE homework arr. =_=

Like seriously, is form 3 all bout homeworks and studying till u get crazy till when u reach form 5? If that was it, I'd be dying so so soon. Uhhh, Besides that, I have been busy doing school stuff. I've been helping Jasmine to decorate the class's notice board. :) See im so helpful =P Blehhhh. xD It's Black and pink in colour. Ok ok la. But so far, people's been commenting how girly it is. " Why is it pink with all ribbons and stuff. " I mean, we're girls. Whadda do? If you don't want then do it yourself instead of asking us to do. Not even a suggestion, c'mon. ._.

I've been out of topic. =_=

As I was saying, I Woke up then got ready for school. left the house around 6.30? So late, I know. It was raining so heavily again and it made me sleeping. Been yawning since this morning until now okay. *yawns* Like seriously, can the school at least let us go to school at 8? Instead of 7. Uhh. =_= So then, slept in the car while im on the way to school. And I still got to text him and talk to him awhile. ((: Heeee.

Reached school. Then saw Maggie and Chloe They were late to school too. But luckily, no late demerits during rainy days. =))

And and! I didn't know that today is prefect's interview. =_= Till Charmaine told me ; baru I knew. But so. I rejected it anyway. (: Form 3 bah. Wanna concentrate on my studies more and I don't wanna miss any lessons in school. :p

Okay so, my interview started at 8.30. Went down with Charm and Guine. xD WAit wait wait till it's my turn.
Okay you see. They interview for less than a minute. i can say that is only for 8 seconds? =_=

Prefect: Okay vanessa it's your turn now. Come in.
Me: *Rapid heartbeating *
Prefect: Hi. Sit down.
Me: Thanks.
Prefect: So vanessa, do you wanna become a prefect for this year?
Me: Errm nope. Sorry.
Prefect: Okay thank you. You may leave the room now.
*smiley face*

So that's how the interview went. So fast right? Only few words nia. =_=

So and so and so the lessons went on. =)))

Till' go back time. Around 1 Lol. Raining heavily again. Grr. Why does it has to be rainythe whole day? No sun meh? Zzzz.
Had lunch with dad and little brother. lol. Then reached home, bath then onlinee =) Haven do my homework yet. Well, I'm lazy bah. So many things to blahh about in here. xD

And and, hope he'll get better soon. He's sick. SO sad right? =(

I guess today is a fun rainy day?

Lalala~ Me+you=Love ♥